The Agile Coach lives the principles of Agile and Coaching.

For an Agile Coach to strive for excellence, we seek to pursue the traits listed below.

No judgement
No matter what we are confronted with, we respect the others’ perspective and their needs without judgement.
Promote safety
Create and maintain an environment of trust where people can share thoughts openly.
Understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference

Ruthless compassion
Always ready to help
Unconditional positive regard
Believe that the other person has a good motive to act how he/she does.
Believes in people
People are always doing the best they can.
Encourage people
Encourage people to believe in their potential and ability to change.
Radiate confidence in an uncertain environment
Demonstrates and inspires.
Builds relationships
Actively seeks to form meaningful bonds.
If you succeed, I am inspired
Unlocks the potential of others.

Truthful to oneself and others.
Open and honest.
Stay with not knowing
Does not allow their knowledge of potential solutions get in the way of coaching.
Child-like curiosity
Approach any situation with open-minded wonder.
Comfortable to make mistakes and learn from them.
Nurturing growth in others and themselves