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What is the “Agile Coaching Growth Wheel”?

The “Agile Coaching Growth Wheel” is a tool for Agile Coaches and ScrumMasters to help them reflect and grow themselves on their Agile journey. This tool is also best used with another coach to help support them.

The wheel has 8 segments or spokes which represent main competency areas.  Within each competency area, there are one or more competencies that an individual can reflect on. This guidance identifies 5 levels for each of those competencies.

5 Levels of assessment

  1. Beginner
  • Knows the theory but has no real practical experience of the application
  1. Practitioner
  • Has applied in at least one situation and may still require support in the application
  1. Journeyperson
  • Can apply in most situations independently
  1. Craftsperson
  • Unconscious competence has mastered the application and knows when to bend and when to break the rules
  1. Guide/Innovator
  • Capability to change to meet the current situation and innovate to create new techniques

The tread around the outside represents the supporting competencies, these are knowledge areas that in-turn support the skills of the other 8 competency areas.

Why create this wheel?

Misconceptions exist with clients and Agile Coaches with regards to what Agile Coaching is. This confusion has resulted in unqualified people presenting themselves as Agile Coaches with little experience and low competence. This creates something of a lottery for clients choosing the right Agile Coach for them.

How does one become a great Agile Coach? There is no clear pathway, Agile Coaching is not yet a fully-fledged profession. This Agile Coaching growth wheel lays down some core competencies, that allows an Agile Coach through a reflective process to go from good to great.

In 2011 Lyssa Atkins and Michael Spayed created a competency framework for Agile Coaches. Intentionally this was not a competency model, as it did not define specific behaviours, skills, knowledge or levels of proficiency. However, the creators of and the creators of this Agile Coaching Growth Wheel believe that more definition is required in order to professionalise the world of Agile Coaching.

We believe that defining the Agile Coaching journey will allow educators and other coaches to better support the growth of Agile Coaches by developing learning and development programmes. It will also build confidence in the industry around the future profession of Agile Coaching. Making it easier for an organisation to select the right coach for them with confidence.