This website and its contents are the results of a few micro sprints from a Scrum Coaching Retreat (see below). It is work in progress and is not intended to be a finished product. We invite and appreciate input and feedback from the community of agile coaches, please write to feedback@whatisagilecoaching.org .


Misconceptions exist with clients and coachees, in regards to what Agile Coaching is.

This confusion has resulted in unqualified people presenting themselves as Agile Coaches who may end up hurting clients and coachees, if not themselves and ultimately the profession.

Our Vision

For people who believe they need an Agile Coach, we want to help you understand:

  • What Agile Coaching is
  • Who might make a great Agile Coach
  • How an Agile Coach might interact with you

Anyone can call themselves an Agile Coach, we hope this website will help you decide on an appropriate coach for you.

We strive to continuously work to professionalise the world of Agile Coaching.

This site was created at the Scrum Coaching Retreat in Copenhagen in September 2017. The working team included:

  • Mark Summers (Product Owner)
  • Neal Horner
  • Ute Schroeder
  • Javier Pérez Fernández
  • Rickard Jones
  • John Barratt
  • Silvana Wasitova
  • Daniel Hommel
  • Dino Zafirakos